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Alberto Cabas Vidani
2 min readSep 16, 2022

Hi! I’m Alberto Cabas Vidani.

I was born and live in Italy. In 2010 I started on the right path: making a living by helping others through content.

I launched a blog about photography. I brought it to 300k pageviews per month. Alone.

Then I got sidetracked. Or, better, I think I sidetracked myself. 😥

Writing on Medium is my attempt at redemption.

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I publish new articles every week about personal development, content-based businesses and entrepreneurship (with some occasional off-topic excursions). Basically, all the areas I can’t stop thinking about and working on.

The article count grows quickly. I created this post to make it easier to get value from my stories.

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Becoming a better and more productive version of yourself

My best articles on this topic are:

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Becoming and thriving as a content creator

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Follow my Medium journey

I learned a lot following people sharing their progress, in business or personal development. So, I’m trying to give back, documenting my steps and results on Medium.

I publish monthly reports and lessons learned. They are collected here.



Alberto Cabas Vidani

10+ years helping Italians build content businesses. Rebuilding from scratch in English. Become an unstoppable creator: